Nonviolence International (NVI) seeks to strengthen society’s commitments to the ideals of King and Gandhi by linking social movements for equality, justice and the environment around the world. Nonviolence International was founded by Intifada leader Mubarak Awad in 1989 to build a global network of resource centers to pursue nonviolent means to bring about social and political change.  NVI serves as the secretariat and provides training and educational resources to groups and activists fighting for justice, the earth, and for peace.

Located in Washington DC, NVI coordinates programs with our wonderful NY-UN office. For more information on their important work, please visit:


Nonviolence International (NVI) affiliate in Canada is currently seeking funding to support the ICPAPED Monitor. ICPAPED stands for the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance and is a human rights resolution adopted by the United Nations in 2010. NVI-Canada is hoping to fund research, publications and operations for annual reporting of the convention’s findings and progress. The goal of the ICPAPED Monitor is to promote the universalization of the convention and provide memberstates and their citizens with impartial and factual information about the Convention. NVI-Canada also supports other organizations promoting peace, such as the Campaign for a Canadian Department of PeaceCivilian Peace Service Canada and Peace Brigade International.

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