Spotlight on Nonviolence - Christian Omoruyi

I’ve recently had the pleasure of talking with activist Christian Omoruyi through NVI’s spotlight series. Christian recently graduated from American University in 2021 with a BA in International Affairs.He has worked closely with many human rights activists and Nobel laureates and has served to further causes promoting peace as an activist. 

Through my conversation, I loved learning about Christian’s views on nonviolence and activism. Furthermore, his knowledge on the subject of voting districts in the USA and his previous work on them were very interesting to me and I’m confident would also be intriguing to anybody interested in voting districting and how it can be used to bring about skewed outcomes when controlled by political parties. I learned a lot from talking to Christian and I hope that others will have a chance to learn as much from him as I did.

Reflections on the Fight for Fair Maps

Testifying on Redistricting Bill

Member of an Interfaith Call for Love in Action

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