The Salhiyeh family were violently evicted from their home in Sheikh Jarrah this morning by dozens of border police in riot gear, who beat several of them along with activists. The family were arrested and their home demolished. They had asked in advance for financial support in this eventuality, so please donate as quickly and as generously as possible to help them to rebuild their lives. All donations will go directly to the Salhiyeh family, and CJNV covers processing fees.
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הלילה פונתה משפחת סאלחיה מביתה בשייח ג׳ראח באלימות ואכזריות ע"י כ-100 שוטרי מג״ב שעצרו והיכו חלק מבני המשפחה ופעילים נוספים בשטח.
המשפחה ביקשה מראש לקבל סיוע כלכלי במקרה של פינוי.
אנא תרמו כמה שתוכלו ובמהירות האפשרית כדי לעזור למשפחה לבנות מחדש את חייה

(Photo credit: Rachel Shor)

(Photo credit directly above and at top of page: Shay Kendler)

Under the Israeli Occupation, financial services are incredibly difficult for Palestinians in the West Bank to access. Part of our work at CJNV is hosting and sharing Palestinian partners’ fundraisers on our platform and helping them to access the money that international solidarity networks raise for them. CJNV covers associated processing fees, so that all of your donation reaches the community.

One of the ways that CJNV supports our partners in their efforts is by supporting their fundraising. Donations made to the CJNV special partner fund will be allocated for partner projects CJNV supports in accordance with mutually agreed upon budgets, expectations and guidelines.

If you'd like to cover costs of the credit card processing fee, use this table to add to your donation.
NOTE: We are unable to accept donations via American Express at this time. We accept all other major credit cards.
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