Rebuild the Mothers of Sumud Garden

Last month, the Mothers of Sumud Garden was attacked three times by settlers from the outpost of Havat Maon. We, as Youth of Sumud, started working on this garden more than a year ago with the hope that will bring a big change for this land. We had a big vision and many goals that we wanted to reach through this idea that are really meaningful to us.

But now, the settlers destroyed everything.

In the first two attacks they broke and uprooted the trees closest to the outpost road. In the third attack they destroyed the whole garden: 70 trees--olive, almond, fig, grape vines, and cacti--more than a year’s work. The goal of this fundraiser is to help restore the garden and respond to this terrible attack from the settlers. We will buy new trees that are the same age as those uprooted, and we will set up a security system to keep the garden safe. Winter is approaching, so if we are able to plant the trees soon the rains will water them and they will be able to grow quickly and be strong.

Below you can read the full story about the Mothers of Sumud Garden:

My name is Sameeha Huraini, a 21 year old student studying English Literature. I am a member of Youth of Sumud, a group in the area of the South Hebron Hills which was born three years ago in the village of Surura, that is located between the two illegal outposts of Havat Maon and Avigail.

The idea of Youth of Sumud was to protect the land of Sarura village and to try to protect the Palestinian people who were kicked out in a very violent way by the Israeli occupation settlers and army 21 years ago. We started Sumud Freedom Camp with many Palestinian, international, and Jewish activists. Step by step, Youth of Sumud decided that we wanted to keep the idea going and to keep the idea of the camp while encouraging the Palestinian families to come back and to protect the caves and the land. Since that moment, we have continued our different activities - not just in the South Hebron Hills - but all over the West Bank. We go to the places where we can support Palestinian farmers and the rest of the people who need our support. We are so proud to have been doing work as young and experienced activists. We’ve paid a really high price to reach this point today but over the past three years we’ve continued leading the Sumud Freedom Camp and growing our group throughout the West Bank and all over the world.

We decided to start a new project for the “Mothers of Sumud,” a garden that we hope will bring a big change for this land. We have a big vision and many goals that we want to reach through this idea that are really meaningful to us:

  1. to protect the land from being confiscated by the nearby illegal outposts
  2. to have a fun place for children where they can spend time in nature without feeling scared. As young people, what we lost in our childhood was this kind of outdoor safe space. We used to dream about having a small park in our village and playing around without worrying about anything. The children should have a place where they can spend more time without thinking about the occupation or the negative things in their lives in the South Hebron Hills. A place to escape the fear they are living in.
  3. to offer this space as a gift to our mothers and encourage Palestinian women to spend time together in our village.

We’ve dreamt of this idea for a long time, and now we can make it a reality for the next generation. We want to plant peace and love and love of life and hope in the heart of our children. We want to stop them from thinking that everything is negative in this area and that everything is violent and that everything is scary and that there is no place for love and peace and for having fun. This garden will hold all these things and will give these children what they deserve - their right to play, their right to love, their right to be educated in an informal setting. It’s a gift for the mothers who need their time, their own time alone far away from the stress they feel daily. It’s a gift for the young people who would like to meet somewhere that they’ve worked hard to build and to bring the change on the ground that we are always dreaming of as a young Palestinian people.

We’re not just dreaming. We want to make it real.

This is the first step for this project. We are hoping that we can reach the point where we can look back and celebrate our success.

Our vision is called Mothers of Sumud, mothers of steadfastness, mothers of resistance. All this will push us to keep going to the end to make change on the ground.

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