Appeal for support to help keep Jordan’s leading independent station “Radio al Balad” on air

This is the once a year time that we appeal to our partners and supporters for help in keeping our community-based radio station on air. This year marks the need for both a renewal of our five-year license and paying the annual license fees and the Telecommunications Regulator’s Commission fees which comes out to a large JOD 37,630 (about $53,150). Radio Al Balad is managed by Community Media Network which is a not for profit media organization registered in Jordan.

The license fee we are obliged to pay is the result of the lack of a specific law or regulation that would allow a waive to not for profit media such as ours. We are forced to pay a commercial license fee even though we are acting as a public media. Jordan’s amended audio-visual law for the year 2015 did allow the possibility of a waiver on the fees for government/public radio stations and OTHERS so long as they don’t broadcast commercial advertisements. We don’t broadcast commercial ads and last year we asked for a waiver, succeeded in getting the head of the Media Commission and the Media Minister to support our request but unfortunately the full cabinet refused our request for a waiver. The fact that Jordan has yet to issue regulations and bylaws explaining how the waiver for radio stations that don’t advertise will be executed we will continue in this vicious circle of paying a hefty license fee while our colleagues working in public university stations and other public media received an automatic waiver.

Highlight of our programs

Your support will go a long way in keeping our station on air and thus giving a voice to the voiceless.

People like the listeners of our morning presenter Rawan Jayyousi which has given voice to civil society organizations, human rights activists and has used her program to keep the public updated on the issues of the day. Or Etaf Roudan who has taken upon herself the task of empowering women throughout Jordan and giving them a voice through radio. Or our drive home talk show Rainbow hosted by our editor in chief Mohammad Ersan which gives voice to people wanting to hold their own government accountable.

Consider taxi driver Mohammad Abu Safieh turned radio anchor who is representing honestly the needs of the transportation sector or our Syrian colleague Aghyad Zayed who has spearheaded the training of fellow Syrian refugees to use radio to express themselves, or our lawyer colleague Tagrid Doughmi providing the public with on air legal advise and awareness. Consider your support a help towards our Jordan Mosaic program produced by Mohmmad Shannak which aims at training and giving a voice to the small local ethnic and religious communities in Jordan (like Druze, Armenians, Circassians, Assyrians, Kurds, Egyptians) or our three daily news programs and five bulletins keeping the public in the capital abreast as to what is happening through independent reporting and hard hitting journalism.

Your support goes a long way. We urge you to consider support to helping us cover the following governmental fees:

JOD 12,825 for the five-year renewal of our radio license due March 30th

JOD 12,575 for the annual license fee due March 30th

JOD 12,230 for the annual TRC fees to the frequency regulatory body.


Your support can pay directly these license fees or can help chip in towards our collective fund-raising effort towards this goal.





Daoud Kuttab/ Director General

Community Media Network- which manages Radio al Balad.

Community Media Network

Established in 2007, Community Media Network is an independent media NGO seeking to serve the Jordanian community through an enlightening discourse. Their mission is to encourage dialogue, educate the public, help in the decision-making process, and empower the marginalized groups by managing media and cultural projects throughout the Kingdom of Jordan. Their work gives normal Jordanians a space to express themselves through different forms of media. These mediums include their radio station, Radio Al-Balad, their website, AmmanNet.Net, and their respective social media accounts.

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