HIRN: Hebron International Resource Network


Who They Are?

  • The Hebron International Resource Network (HIRN) is an organization comprised of local Palestinians and international allies.  Using the principles of Sumud (steadfast hope), they seek to support Palestinians living near settlements.  By supporting their right to water, safe housing, movement, and education, Palestinians are more likely to stay on their land and in their homes. Their existence is resistance. 


How Did They Start?

  • The idea to create the Hebron International Resource Network was born in 2010 and became a reality in 2011 with the registration of the organization in Sweden.  Since then, HIRN has built supportive networks in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. 


Where Are They Based And What Areas Do They Provide Assistance To?

  • The work is based in Hebron/Al Khalil and operates all over the Southern part of the West Bank.  


What Is The Principal Work Of The Organization?

  • HIRN works to keep Palestinians on their lands and in their communities.  They do this in collaboration with neighborhoods and families in the following ways:  
    • Scholarships for Palestinians seeking higher education. 
    • Support for water and electricity access. 
    • Building schools and communities so children don’t have to cross checkpoints to attend. 
    • Support for building and renovation projects to keep families on their lands.  
    • Aiding communities to farm on their land, so they can be self-sufficient and have goods to sell. 
  • This work is done with the initiative and leadership of local communities.  They know what they need and their voice is central to the process.  
  • This is risky work.  Building is illegal according to the laws of the Israeli Occupying Forces.  Putting their name on the work means that HIRN might face barriers to their work.  So the work is done quietly.  They don’t put their name on projects publicly, so they can continue to support Palestinians’ right to be on the land and in their communities. 


What Makes HIRN Unique?

  • HIRN’s work on the ground is 100% volunteer.  All of the financial support for the organization goes directly to projects on the ground.  
  • HIRN’s work is quiet and behind the scenes which allows them to continue to work without attention from the occupying forces.  
  • HIRN’s mission is broad, which allows it to flexibly meet the changing needs of Palestinians on the ground. 

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