Stop the War!

Nonviolence International is supporting and organizing Russian diaspora who have left Russia because of the war with Ukraine in order to build mutual support groups and to invite them to provide alternative information to their networks of family and friends back in Russia. The work is led by Andre Kamenshikov with Russian civil activists and we are working in various countries including Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Poland and Lithuania.

If you want to help deliver a weapon more powerful than cluster bombs, a weapon that will not threaten the safety of civilians and children years after the war comes to an end, donate here to support a campaign to mobilize opposition to the war within Russia by harnessing the communication capabilities of the Russian diaspora. The first $2,500 in donations will be matched in an effort to raise $5,000 for this project.

Previously, NVI-Ukraine has supported peacebuilding in the region, and supported nonviolent resistance.

Please join us and contribute to this valuable and incredible work!


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