Stop the War on Ukraine!

Nonviolence International-Ukraine is building a network of activists and groups to resist the Russian invasion and to support peacebuilding efforts that can provide a platform for future reconciliation. NVI-Ukraine 1) supports nonviolent resistance to Russian occupation, 2) promotes war-resistance, both passive and active, in Russia and Belarus through ant-war messaging research and training, 3) Strengthens the social fabric in Ukraine created by the war, such as between internally displaced people and their host communities.  $120,000 in funds are needed. 

NVI also is leading efforts to tie together global opposition to Russia, Israel and Morocco's annexation of their neighbors' territory.  The US and Europe are opposed to Russia's invasion, but also must end support for annexation by their allies.

NVI's voice is clear and unique. Nonviolent resistance and international law are the answer.

Please contribute to this valuable and incredible work!



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