Ukrainian Stop the War Coalition

Nonviolence International-Ukraine is supporting a Ukrainian Stop the War Coalition (USWC) which is building a network of activists and groups to resist the Russian invasion and to support peacebuilding efforts that can provide a platform for future reconciliation. The USWC is focusing on 1) supporting nonviolent resistance to Russian occupation, 2) promoting war-resistance, both passive and active, in Russia and Belarus, 3) Strengthen the social fabric in Ukraine created by the war, such as between internally displaced people and their host communities.  $120,000 in start-up funds are needed. 

For many decades, there has been talk of balancing spending on the 3 Ds - Defense, Diplomacy, and Development.  We know globally our spending priorities are out of balance. In the US, where NVI is based, it is even worse with precious resources going to what we call "defense", but is better understood as "militarism" or simply "war." Wouldn't it be wonderful if we actually spent at least 50% of what we spend on war on diplomacy and development. We could address the climate crisis, build real security, and pave the way for better future. 

Please help start down the path of a better balance by supporting this much needed and sadly neglected work. 



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