Bethlehem is in desperate need of your help. Our city and families have been hit hard by COVID-19, and we do not get financial help from the government. I have set up a special fund to collect donations for families in need. The fund is set up through Nonviolence International. You can donate on this page. Any amount will help, no matter how big or small. Please share this link and message with your family and friends and ask them to share it as well to help us spread the word. I cannot stress how desolate our streets are and how much families here are struggle. There is no tourism happening, which many of our businesses thrive off of. Please give what you can.

Peace and Love,

Bishara Awad

Our dear friend Bishara Awad asked Nonviolence International to set up a special fund for people in Bethlehem who are suffering during the pandemic. Bishara is hoping we can send this out to family and friends to allow them to make their donations through our non-profit platform to get the funds dispersed as quickly as possible.

We celebrate his deep and lasting commitment to help his community.

We understand people are suffering everywhere, but if you can, please consider giving to this much needed special fund.

The people of Bethlehem are particularly vulnerable to the ravages of COVID-19. Their health infrastructure is under-resourced at the best of times and their economy depends heavily on tourism which has dropped off precipitously during this global pandemic. 

"Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next. We can choose to walk through it, dragging the carcasses of our prejudice and hatred, our avarice, our data banks and dead ideas, our dead rivers and smoky skies behind us. Or we can walk through lightly, with little luggage, ready to imagine another world. And ready to fight for it."

—Arundahti Roy

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