Donate to Support Music Education in Palestine!

“Art is the expression of the soul”

Please support us in bridging the critical gap in music education in Palestine - specifically in the conservative communities of Hebron. In the Hebron Governorate, there are currently 550 schools but only 15 music teachers; while the private music centers in the city are only accessible to the upper class. In addition, in the context of the persistent Israeli occupation, music allows individuals to seek refuge and relief in a safe space and to find meaning and belonging within Palestinian music culture and heritage.

Through this fundraiser you can commit to supporting the revitalization of music and arts education in Hebron through SOUL, the first cultural and arts center in Hebron focusing on sustainable and accessible music education with a focus on girls/women and children with disabilities.  

Children’s Choral Performance in the Tel Rumeida Neighborhood in the H2 Area of Hebron

In addition, there is cultural stigmatization regarding music in Hebron, leading to a shrinking space for musical self-expression and heritage preservation. In particular, this applies to Palestinian women who are restricted from engaging in the arts in public, so these projects offer a safe space for their development and passions. 

Specifically, all donations through this page will go to SOUL’s active projects running free music classes and workshops for students and teachers, as well as through community partnerships for children in isolated areas close to Israeli settlements. Running costs include paying music teachers a livable wage for their services, transporting students to SOUL’s center, and paying for instruments for the students. 

Piano Class for Student with Down Syndrome in Hebron

Through these projects, we seek to educate the next generation of musicians and music teachers. This is only possible with your support, and for that we deeply thank you. 

To see more of SOUL’s projects, follow our Facebook Page.

Aboud and Maali with music students at the “My Dream Autism Center” in Yatta, Hebron

SOUL’s Education Center in Hebron where we teach many traditional Palestinian instruments including: Qanoun, Darbuka, Oud, and more!

Donations are tax-deductible. We are a fiscally-sponsored project of Nonviolence International, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

As a sponsoring organization, Nonviolence International is required to retain discretion and control of the funds, which will, in all events, be used for the intended, charitable purposes.