Nonviolence is in its Infancy

While nonviolence is an ancient power with a long and proud history that we can learn much from, as a society we have focused far too much of our energy on learning how to make war. Thus the study of active nonviolence remains in its infancy. In this time of interconnected global crises, we must quickly embrace the call to study war no more and instead must focus our collective power on building a new and more impactful version of nonviolence that rises to the challenges we face. 

In the US alone we have five major tax payer funded colleges established to study how to make war. 

What if we spent a fraction of our excessive military budget addressing the pressing human and environmental needs facing us today?  And, we established a top-notch degree granting school that helped advance our understanding of how to build and maintain a peaceful, just world. 

What if we from an early age, we taught young people how to resolve their conflicts without resorting to violence?  

We might just find that peace is indeed possible. 

In addition to Gene Sharp’s powerful work on Nonviolent Tactics (which we feature in our free online database), Gene also did groundbreaking work on Civilian Based Defense.

Along with Nonviolent Third Party Intervention we are just starting to build realistic alternatives to war. Together we must quickly advance this vital work. 

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