NVI Director at White House 40th-Anniversary Vigil Against Nukes

Today, Nonviolence International (NVI) director Michael Beer gave a keynote speech at the White House for the 40th-Anniversary Peace Vigil Against Nukes. NVI has been an avid supporter of the Peace Vigil and its efforts to promote peace and stop the use of nuclear weapons. The White House Peace Vigil is one of the longest-running vigils in America. Through collective efforts, the vigil has taken place regardless of unforeseen circumstances, such as blizzards, riots, and COVID-19. 

Michael’s speech concerned the imminent threat that nuclear weapons continue to pose to all life forms. “We still have nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert. We all could be exterminated within three or four hours,” he stated. 

Activists at the White House Peace Vigil are doing essential work by bringing awareness to this urgent issue. Protestors have helped spark dialogue regarding the disarmament of nuclear weapons. However,  there remains considerable room for progress in the fight to ensure a nuclear-free world. NVI believes that this fight for nuclear disarmament must begin with the broader context of eliminating global violence.  We must call upon the Biden Administration to dismantle the use of all nuclear weapons.

To learn more about vigils and other nonviolent ways to advocate for the disarmament of nuclear weapons please visit our database and download Michael’s book which contains over 350 nonviolent tactics.


Michael Beer speaks at 2:14

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