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Interested in nonviolence resistance? Just like anything else, training is essential. We've compiled some of our favorite resources below for learning more about nonviolence -- both in theory and in action.

We are proud to partner with the Rutgers University International Institute for Peace to provide free online access to the world's largest collection of nonviolence training materials. Our archive is filled with nonviolent resistance manuals and handbooks from around the world. 

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Nonviolence International's Islam – Peace – Nonviolence A SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY

A PDF of resources compiled by Karim Douglas Crow

Resource Library at Nonviolent Conflict

One of the best searchable collection of books, articles and films on nonviolence.

Training Manual for Nonviolent Defense Against the Coup d’État

Written by Richard K. Taylor, the manual is one of the resources Nonviolence International used to assist the resistance to the Coup D’etat in Honduras in 2009, but can be applied to many situations.

Escrito por Richard K. Taylor, el manual es uno de los recursos de la No Violencia Internacional para ayudar a la resistencia al Golpe de Estado en Honduras en 2009.

The PDF version is available in English below

Download [1.35 MB]

y en Manual de capacitacion para la defensa.


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