Shared Resources for People and the Planet.

Our Collective Wisdom is Strong!
Resources for People and the Planet.

At this time of crisis, we seek new ways to collaborate across divisions that have too long limited us. It seems we are coming apart, just when we need to come together. The problems we face are vast, but we know we are stronger together. And together, we commit to rising to this moment through creative constructive nonviolent action.

We celebrate the diverse youth-led global movement that is emerging. Even as the old system falls apart all around us, a new and better world is being born. And, still we are concerned that the intersecting crises facing us can not be solved by one movement alone no matter how powerful. Instead, we believe that it will take a movement of movements coming together as never before to rise to the challenges before us.

We believe in our collective wisdom and vision and in the need to act boldly to heal our beautiful and broken planet.

We offer these shared resources because we believe that creative nonviolence is a force more powerful than any in the history of the world.

We know that effective nonviolence doesn’t just happen it requires careful study, training, and tactics. We learn in many different ways. We learn by doing - by taking action and accessing the results. We also learn by studying successful nonviolent movements of the past. And, we take comfort in the beautiful emerging reality of a global nonviolent, fun-loving, people and planet respecting movement.

The time is late. We have waited far too long to come together. And, still come together we must. So, the list below is not the work of any one organization, but instead the product of a new emerging collaboration between several groups all focused on promoting nonviolence. We are still getting to know each other and assume new projects will emerge as relationships are built, but many of us also feel a sense of urgency.

We believe in the power of nonviolence and in these resources. We believe in the power of our collective wisdom. We share these resources knowing this list is incomplete, imperfect, and will be growing for years to come.

We know that the study and use of nonviolence remains in its infancy and call on all of us to devote more time and resources to understanding its vast power and potential. We hope these resources might be of use to many of the bold, beautiful, creative movements that inspire us through their actions.

We come together through our shared commitment to nonviolence. We welcome all those pursuing peace, justice, and those who love the earth. If you know of free resources you think should be listed here, please check out this page that lists our initial criteria for inclusion and welcomes your submissions.

Here are the best free nonviolent, peacebuilding, creative, constructive, justice seeking, earth loving resources, tools, and tricks that we know of. 

Did you know you can get inspirational stories of bold creative nonviolent activism in your inbox each week for free? You can thanks to Rivera Suns' Nonviolence News

Effective nonviolent action doesn’t just happen, it requires tactics. Check out Nonviolence International’s Database of Nonviolent Tactics.

Here is an inspiring podcast from Waging Nonviolence - "City of Refuge"

Effective nonviolent campaigns don’t happen automatically, they require training. Don’t miss Nonviolence International’s collaboration with Rutgers University’s International Institute for Peace our Training Archive.

Pace e Bene has a short podcast by Veronica Pelicaric, The Soul of Nonviolence, which you can share:

The Metta Center created this wonderful "Roadmap" it was specifically designed for collaboration. 

The Satyagraha Institute has an impressive handpicked collection of nonviolence resources.

The Peace Alliance has updated statistics for violence and peacebuilding, with downloadable pdfs.

Nonviolence Now has a billboard and bus ads campaign which we can give you the vector files for.

MK Gandhi Institute invites you to connect with them about replicating their amazing Youth Healing Hate Grants:

Dive into the Beautiful Trouble toolbox, an interconnected web of ideas and creative best practices that puts the power in your hands. Start anywhere and explore…

The Yes Men have a "Book of Tricks" to help activist groups plan creative and impactful actions and campaigns. 

The Global Nonviolent Action Database provides free access to information about hundreds of cases of nonviolent action, from all continents and most countries, for learning and for citizen action. The database is a project of Swarthmore College. Learn more about the database.

The International Center on Nonviolent Conflict focuses on how ordinary people wage nonviolent conflict to win rights, freedom and justice. Check out these amazing resources:

350's impressive Resources for Organizers - tools and handouts to build long-term capacity and power https: //

Black Lives Matter.  By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives. Check out these impressive resources available for free to all:

The Commons Social Change Library is an online collection of educational resources on campaign strategy, community organising, digital campaigning, communications and media, working effectively in groups, fundraising, diversity and inclusion and much more.We collect, curate and distribute the key lessons and resources of progressive movements around Australia and across the globe.

IREX - An International Exchange program with brilliant fellows from the world over to work with your nonprofit. 

As part of the Meaningful Movies Project, we can show films and invite members of this group to be on post-screening panels.

Community Peacebuilder Immersion - Developing online version consists of Restorative Justice and Practices, Social Emotional Learning, Dialogues, and Trauma and Resilience Building - RPCP

The Resource Center for Nonviolence has advice on planning nonviolent action campaigns.

The Center for Peacebuilding's book: The Little Book of Police Youth Dialogue - A Restorative Path Towards Justice

In addition to these shared free resources, we hope you will check out this

list of wonderful organizations.

This new collaborative effort was brought together through the tireless efforts of Rivera Sun and Kit Miller and Gwen Olton of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence Thanks to them and all who have added to these powerful shared resources.

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