Case for Support

NVI has a rare and precious mix of activist passion, intellectual depth, and personal warmth.

The Need

Our world is dangerously addicted to violence. Together we must rise up and find a path forward to a world of justice, peace, and environmental sanity where the worth and dignity of all people is fully realized and conflicts are resolved without resorting to violence.

Sadly, we live in a time when the world is facing a series of devastating interrelated crises. We at NVI believe that nonviolent activism is the most effective answer to many of them. The challenges before us are enormous, but we must not become frozen in fear. Instead we must be moved to take collective action. History has proven that powerful people’s movements can make what once seemed impossible become inevitable. Again and again we have seen that when people rise up together and declare they see a path out of the darkness, the world can change in deep and lasting ways. We often seem so small and the problems seem so vast. At Nonviolence International, we proudly declare that the world can be better than it is today and it is up to us to direct that change.  

Hard times are here. For anyone with an open heart it is clear, even harder times are coming. At this critical moment, we commit to training the next generation of activists. Helping young leaders face their fears and claim their collective power is clearly needed now more than ever before. 

Even as the old system falls apart all around us, a new and better world is being born. We are concerned that the intersecting crises facing us can not be solved by any one movement alone no matter how powerful. Instead, we believe that it will take a movement of movements coming together as never before to rise to the challenges before us. Nonviolence must be a central guiding force in this emerging movement of movements. 

The time is late. We have waited far too long to come together. And, still come together we must. 

We believe in our collective wisdom and vision and in the need to act boldly to heal our beautiful and broken planet. We are convinced that this is the moment that NVI was built for. We are committed to rise to the challenges before us and to substantially expand our impact and reach. We ask for your active partnership to make this possible.

Our History

Nonviolence International was founded by Palestinian activist and scholar Mubarak Awad in 1989.  Since then we have established a proud legacy of creative, constructive nonviolent activism. Still, we recognize the challenges of this moment require us to do even more. Please see these highlights of our history. 

(Photos of Mubarak Awad and Jonathan Kuttab in Bethlehem, 2005)

Our Work

Nonviolence International advocates for active nonviolence and supports and implements creative constructive nonviolent campaigns worldwide. We are a backbone organization of the nonviolent movement providing fiscal sponsorship to partners all over the globe. We tell the transformative stories of dynamic emerging nonviolent movements that give us hope in difficult times and are reshaping what we view as possible. By telling these inspirational stories and supporting these movements we help to create a peaceful and just future.

Nonviolence International is not like other organizations. NVI’s activism is focused on providing powerful tools to organizers around the world. We do this primarily through our Database of Nonviolent Tactics and our Archive of Nonviolent Training materials. We know that effective nonviolence doesn’t just happen it requires careful study, training, and tactics. We offer these shared resources because we believe that creative nonviolence is a force more powerful than any in the history of the world. We know that the study and use of nonviolence remains in its infancy and call on all of us to devote more time and resources to understanding its vast power and potential. 

We learn in many different ways. We learn by doing - by taking action and accessing the results. We also learn by studying successful nonviolent movements of the past. And, we take comfort in the beautiful emerging reality of a global nonviolent, fun-loving, people and planet respecting movement of movements. 

We are proud to serve a backbone organization of the global diverse nonviolent movement through our fiscal sponsorship of leadership groups around the world. We are excited to raise up our impressive partners, help tell their stories, and support their inspirational work at this critical time. 

We believe that training the next generation of nonviolent leaders is an essential part of our work. In this moment, we commit to focusing on strengthening the power of impressive diverse young activists.

These are not normal times and this is not a normal group. NVI has a rare and precious mix of activist passion, intellectual depth, and personal warmth. Just what the world needs now. Please join us. 

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