Our Story of Hope and the Power of Nonviolence

We have a story to tell! 

It is a story of hope. Hope in dark times.

Realistic and grounded hope based in struggle and success.

We ask you to join us, spread the word, and grow much needed hope. 

Our story takes shape in our series on The Many Faces of Nonviolence and our most recent updates. 

Vision - Nonviolence International seeks a world of justice, peace, and environmental sanity where the worth and dignity of all people is fully realized and conflicts are resolved without resorting to violence.

Mission - Nonviolence International advocates for active nonviolence and supports creative constructive nonviolent campaigns worldwide. We are a backbone organization of the nonviolent movement providing fiscal sponsorship to partners all over the globe. We tell the transformative stories of dynamic emerging nonviolent movements that give us hope in difficult times and are reshaping what we view as possible. By telling these inspirational stories and supporting these movements we help to create a peaceful and just future. 

Organizational Information -Nonviolence International (NI) is a decentralized network of resource centers that promote the use of nonviolent action. Founded by Palestinian activist Mubarak Awad in 1989, NI is a 501(c)(3) organization registered in Washington, DC, USA. NI is also a non-governmental organization in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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