Transformational Internship Opportunities

Would you like to learn about the power of nonviolence and the global diverse movement currently taking shape while engaging in research assistance, virtual event preparation, social media outreach, and nonprofit management best practices?

As Nonviolence International’s staff is small, interns play an integral role in NVI’s projects and functioning as a cohesive organization. While interns work closely with NVI staff members and volunteers, they are also expected to exhibit independence, creativity, and initiative. Each intern will split their time between programmatic support, organizational outreach, and administrative tasks, but will be able to invest significant time and work within their preferred projects of choice.

Please note: applications are no longer being accepted for our Summer 2021 internship program.

Please check back if interested in our Fall program. 

If relevant for you, please check with your Internship Coordinator BEFORE accepting to determine how you might do this internship for credit.

Our Internship Program will commence at the beginning of June and will wrap up in August. Alternatively, students can participate in our six month internship running from June to December. Internships are available at our organization for students and non-students and can be arranged for-credit with colleges and universities. These are unpaid internships. Interns must be able to dedicate at least 15-20 hours per week on average for a minimum of three months. Our internship will be completely remote. Full-time internships are welcome.

In terms of qualifications, we are a very open-minded organization, understanding that applicant’s talents, personal qualities, and experiences go far beyond a static, one-page resume. Thus, we welcome everyone interested in our internship program to apply, regardless of your educational background, professional experience, skills, and accomplishments. However, that is not to say such objective qualifications will not be considered or boost an applicant’s candidacy. We here at Nonviolence International think it is important to take a holistic approach to candidate’s applications which includes their passions and interests.

Responsibilities of this internship will include but are not limited to...

Event Management (Virtual):

Set up webinars that will be attended by ~80 people and live-streamed to an external platform. This will include setting up scheduled Zoom calls, creating event pages, editing autoresponders, updating existing web pages for consistency, tracking RSVPs, configuring the live stream to external platforms, and assisting with the breakdown of the webinar and pages post-event.

Learn how to manage live webinars from a technical support role.

Draft and publish social media to promote our webinars and reach out to supporters, followers, and participants.

Draft segmented emails to market our webinars.


Regularly create content for the website, in the form of website updates, YouTube videos, and social media- with a preference for more interactive features.

Regularly create content for our Facebook and Twitter accounts including monitoring them to interact with supporters and prospective supporters.


To read about the experience of our interns check out this post.

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