A Video Featuring Ahmed Alnaouq, founder of WANN

Please watch the impressive video below and consider supporting We Are Not Number's (WANN’s) vital work.

This powerful image shows just one part of the video. Click on the video itself below to watch.This powerful image shows just one part of the video. Click on the video itself below to watch.

Ahmed Alnaouq's comprehensive analysis allows him to share in a clear focused way the reality of life in Gaza and how the coverage in the mainstream media rarely accurately reflects that reality and instead often intentionally obscures it.  

He shares his informed loving perspective on life in Gaza and how media coverage distorts reality. If you are inspired by this work, please consider donating to support WANN’s visionary approach to building leaders and power. 

I found this video on the same day I attended a march in Washington, DC where the same call echoed out. Please see my photo essay for more. 

From the stage at the mass mobilization of the Poor People’s Campaign, the great Rev. William Barber said, “They are us and we are them.” He called on us all to step up saying, “when our people suffer, we won’t be silent anymore.” He said we had gathered together to “put a human face on the numbers.” 

As with WANN, this amazingly diverse passionate gathering was built on a deep and comprehensive analysis of the world as it is and on a recognition that it doesn’t have to be this way. (Don’t miss the cute kid wearing a shirt with that message at the start of the photo essay). The organizers implemented a strategic approach that puts those closest to the problems on the stage and in the leadership. They made a point of noting that on this day people would not speak on behalf of others. Instead, each person would raise up their own lived experience and perspective. 

This approach follows the same simple and profound wisdom at the heart of WANN’s vision and mission.

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