The Bee Wrangler in Action!

Once upon a time... 

At a time of growing global crisis, a call went out across the land. 

People gathered deep in the heart of the troubled empire’s capital - they were full of fear. 

Democracy itself was being tested here and around the world. 

Violence was built into the economic and social systems. 

Hatred followed fear to every part of the globe. 

And, at the darkest hour, the light of active nonviolence shown brightly.


More and more people signed up to receive Rivera Sun's Nonviolence News. 

Through this free publication they were able to celebrate the youth-led, diverse, global movements claiming a better future. 

They searched and came upon a wonderful array of free resources that helped build movements for peace, justice, and planet. 

Together the celebrated and supported Nonviolence International's wonderful partners. 

Still, many issues plagued the people.


As our tale begins, the concern focused on a swarm of runaway bees.


Yes, runaway bees in the heart of D.C. 

What shall we do? 

We rely on bees for so much of the food that sustains us. 

We love bees, but have also grown to fear them. 

They sting and swarm.

And, so the question was asked… who you goin’ call? 

The Ghostbusters can’t help us. 

We are alone and full of fear.

Just then a lone voice called out.

Quiet at first.

Soon joined by others.

We shall call the Bee Wrangler.

Maybe he can help!

He picked up the swarm and guided them to a new home.  He knew that bees like humans are intensely social creatures.  He and NVI know that social power has enormous potential to organize new homes and a new society. NVI is not alone in recognizing that we have much to learn from nature in general and bees in particular. For those interested in learning more, please see: Building-beehives-handbook-for-creating-communities  This handbook outlines tools and techniques to create organizational communities and community events that provide strategic returns. Using beehives as a whimsical metaphor this book includes specific step-by-step techniques for bringing professionals together to collaborate and produce results.

You may know him as the person who wrote the book about Nonviolent Tactics, but he is also known locally as the Bee Wrangler. Send up the swarm notification and he will be there!

In addition to his beekeeping support services, NVI’s longtime director, Michael Beer, spoke recently with Science for Peace - a Canadian group about the Civil Rights Movement in the US. 

Michael Beer shares learnings and re-learnings from the civil rights movement for social movements today. He stresses the need for nonviolence training and tune-ups. The need for strong civil society institutions such as religious groups and labor unions to sustain campaigns. The need to maximize participation particularly by women, girls and the elderly, since they are the majority of the population and that violence by young men often discourages broader participation.

Michael talks about his book Civil Resistance Tactics of the 21st Century.  Building on the work of Gene Sharp, Beer has added new tactics and new categories of action to our understanding of nonviolence today.

Michael joined the celebration of former NVI staff leader, Andrés Thomas Conteris 60th Birthday!

While at NVI from 2002-2016, he served as Program Director of the Americas.

The GREAT Joanna Macy joined the PARTY!


So did the wonderful David Hartsough

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