CJNV Solidarity Fundraiser Nov 23

Urgent Relief for Palestinian Communities in West Bank

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Note: We are collecting donations to this fund through November 14.

We at the Center for Jewish Nonviolence (CJNV) are raising money in order to help strengthen the sumud (steadfastness) of our partner communities in Area C of the West Bank that are experiencing unprecedented levels of settler-state violence. We will be offering these communities targeted support that responds directly to the crises they are facing. The situation is rapidly escalating and shifting daily and as we raise funds we will distribute them in conversation with the Palestinian community leaders we have been working with for years.

1. Palestinians in Area C rely on solar panels, water tanks, and wells for their basic needs. In recent days, settlers have ramped up their acts of destruction, smashing solar panels, puncturing water tanks, and destroying wells. Right now, Palestinians desperately need water, supplies, and new equipment to survive.


Tractor demolishing a water well in Susiya, Settler cutting electrical cables in Tuba, Smashed solar panels in Zanouta, Destroyed water pipe in Jinba.

2. Settlers and soldiers often target Palestinian communities under the dark of night. Installing lighting and camera systems has been a successful method to deter and mitigate the violence of these night raids. More of this type of equipment is needed to help provide these communities with safety through the night and document settler-state violence when it occurs.


Car smashed in Umm al-Khair, Late night arson attack in Sfai, Damages from a torched house in Sfai.

3. The military lockdown across the West Bank has made it impossible for Palestinian workers to get to their jobs and bring in income they depend on. The lockdown also stops Palestinians from being able to leave their villages to get food, supplies, and medicine. These communities need our support in delivering these essentials to them.


Army patrolling the road in Burin, Bulldozer setting up roadblocks in Susiya, A destroyed road in Susiya

4. Palestinian farmers have been documenting widespread destruction of their agricultural lands and farming equipment by settlers. The full extent of the damage is not yet known, as soldiers are threatening to shoot Palestinians if they attempt to visit their farms. However, farmers are estimating that they have lost at least 70% of their annual yield – a staggering economic loss that exponentially worsens the already devastating effects of climate change on their livelihoods. These farmers will need to replace their damaged equipment to cultivate whatever is left of this season’s yields and plant new trees and crops to replace those that have been burnt by settlers.


Settlers stealing olives after an attack in Burin, Palestinian-owned tractor set on fire by settlers in Burin, Settler family harvesting from Palestinian trees in Burin

5. Shepherds have not been able to graze their herds and flocks because soldiers and settlers are regularly patrolling around Palestinian communities and have made it clear they will attack Palestinians who try to leave their villages on foot. Already in an incredibly precarious economic situation, these shepherds are now facing even more dangers as they struggle to feed their animals. Their only option now is to purchase bales of hay to feed their animals.

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