Spotlight on Nonviolence - John Dear

I’ve recently had the pleasure of speaking with Father John Dear through NVI’s spotlight series. Reverend John Dear is a Catholic Priest, activist for nonviolence, and a prolific author, having written 35 books. He has worked with multiple nonviolent organizations, such as Pace e Bene, and its Campaign Nonviolence, which he co-founded. He has been arrested and jailed over 80 times for civil disobedience showing his dedication to actively furthering the cause of nonviolence. John’s latest work is The Beatitudes Center for the Nonviolent Jesus where he furthers the message of nonviolence by emphasizing Christianity’s teachings of nonviolence, especially through Jesus. 

Through my conversation with John, I found his stance that all major world religions advocate for nonviolence to be very interesting and an effective way to focus the importance of nonviolence for many people. John also emphasized the importance of actively participating in creating a more nonviolent world by sharing stories of his work as an activist and instructing viewers on how important it is to join a cause in some way or another and actually commit to helping with that cause. I learned a lot from talking to John and I hope that others will also be able to glean this same knowledge from the interview. 

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