We are honored to be asked to deliver high quality NV Training in Malaysia

Many of us are searching for realistic reasons for hope in these hard times.

At NVI, we find hope by providing top quality nonviolent trainings and resources. 

Recently we led a training for civil society in Malaysia. 

We brought together some of the world's leading experts in nonviolence and provided this series of training:

Nonviolent Direct Action, Citizen Engagement, and Building Power with Michael Beer and Diah Kusumaningrum

We showed the participants the basics of nonviolent direct action. Participants discovered ways to engage individuals who have "grown comfortable" through creating unity in their principles, celebrating the small wins, and more. Participants also thought outside of the box of traditional modes of nonviolent protest to achieve the element of surprise while utilizing new opportunities for advocacy, such as social media.

Strategic Creative Activism: BeautifulTrouble for the Win! with Nadine Bloch

We put the “creative” in creative action by examining a host of outside-the-box tactics from projections to prefigurative interventions. This session included the signature Beautiful Trouble presentation; time to apply a strategic methodology for creative action planning to your current campaigns; Action Planning & Logistics tools + tricks, and time to work with the innovative “Beautiful Trouble: Strategy Card Deck!

Creative Nonviolent Transformation: Religious Inspirations with Chaiwat Satha-Anand

This session invited participants to explore "conflict transformation" using the notion of creativity, one of its crucial components, as the primary perspective. Then participants selected examples of creative nonviolent actions, inspired by religious-oriented examples drawn from Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, to be analyzed to formulate necessary lessons for twenty-first century multi-ethnic/multi-religious society such as Malaysia. The last part of the session considered how "empathy" as a necessary, though extremely difficult, informs nonviolent transformation.

NVDA and its role in Anti-Corruption Campaigns with Shaazka Beyerle

In this session, we asked participants to engage with examples of corruption they have seen to find practical dynamics of nonviolent direct action (NVDA) to impact corruption. Participants walked through an example where they took one specific form of corruption and find ways to respond. Participants discovered, not only new civic initiatives to combat corruption, but also creative ways to do so. More information about people power movements and civic initiatives are in Freedom from Corruption.



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