Metta Spencer Features Nonviolence International

Nonviolence International is thrilled that renowned peace educator and activist Metta Spencer featured several of our key leaders on her podcast - Project Save the World. 

Our founder, Mubarak Awad was joined by our longtime Director, Michael Beer, Yeshua Moser and Andre Kamenshikov. 

In addition to reflecting on NVI's long and proud history, the panelists discussed creative uses of nonviolent direct action in this time of crisis. They discussed transnational strategy for transformation through nonviolent campaigns and movements.

They noted our growing list of Nonviolent Tactics, our NV Training Archive, which is a partnership between NVI and Rutgers University International Institute for Peace (IIP), and our exciting new podcasts series - We Are All Part of One Another that highlights bold nonviolent action around the world. 

Learn more about the great Metta Spencer at:


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