NVI Campaigns against youth prisons in U.S and Israel

Mubarak joined other human rights and social justice activists to call for the closure of child detention centers operating throughout the U.S. and holding more than 10,000 immigrant children.

This rally took place on U.S. Capitol grounds on Friday, February 8, 2019, and was hosted by the Shut Tornillo Down Coalition. Tornillo, along the Texas-Mexico border, was the largest child prison in the U.S. before its closure in January. The one operated by Comprehensive Health Services, a for-profit contractor owned by Caliburn International, in Homestead, Florida is currently the largest child prison. Mubarak discusses his own work with incarcerated youth, and draws parallels between what is happening along the U.S. border and in occupied Palestine.

Video was taken by Fran Tatau. Mubarak’s speech begins at about 4:20.

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