Change is coming quickly to Sudan. Citizens started demonstrating for the removal of President Omar al-Bashir in December of 2018. The army forced him out of office on April 11, but the Transitional Military Council is now backtracking on its promises for a democratic transfer of power.

Activists organized a forty-eight-hour general strike from May 28-29. In response, the military is shutting down media outlets and threatening violence against protesters. This is a critical time for the country’s future.

Nonviolence International has helped democratic opposition leaders by providing webinars and consultations on nonviolent struggle on at least four occasions in the last month. On Friday, May 24, our executive director Michael Beer discussed the dynamics of the general strike with Bakri Ali, a leader in the Sudanese Resistance, for the second time. Previously, NVI colleagues Stephen Zunes and Bob Helvey provided their insights.

You can see Michael Beer’s most recent interview with Bakri Ali, which has been viewed more than 120,000 times, by clicking here, and follow the uprising on Twitter at the hashtag #SudanUprising.

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