Creative Nonviolent Action for Palestine During COVID-19 - Webinar

We Are All Part of One Another - Webinar Series

Creative Nonviolent Action for Palestine During COVID-19

Our expert panel explores campaigns promoting nonviolence amidst the pandemic. Panelists included: Pam Bailey and Raed Shakshak from our partner We Are Not Numbers, Alex McDonald from our partner US Boats to Gaza, our partner Hebron International Resource Network, and Roshan Dadoo, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, South Africa. Hosted by our founders Mubarak Awad & Jonathan Kuttab

Thanks to our friends at Nonviolence International NY who produced this video. 

Pam Bailey - 9:37

Raed Shakshak - 16:45

Alex McDonald - 25:47

HIRN - 37:45

Roshan Dadoo - 45:48

HIRN, WANN, and US Boats to Gaza are fiscally sponsored projects of NVI. To support their vital work please visit and become monthly donors.

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