Beautiful Trouble’s irreverent guide to activism in the time of pandemic

Our good friends at Beautiful Trouble just posted this wonderful piece on Waging Nonviolence, an impressive project that got its start as a fiscally sponsored partner of NVI. 

We celebrate their loving and irreverent approach to this challenging moment. See excerpt below and read the full piece on Waging Nonviolence.

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Beautiful Trouble’s irreverent guide to activism in the time of pandemic

We’re facing down a global pandemic. If you find yourself saying “Holy shit! What do I do?!” you’re not alone.

A renegade bug is showing how deeply broken our system is. Beyond the absolutely critical tasks of taking care of yourself, harm-reduction, social distancing, hand-washing, and looking out for those around us who are most struggling, we must also make that brokenness plain.

We do not get to choose the historic moments we are born into, but we do get to choose how we respond. And as we recover, and put our world back together, we have a chance to put it back together differently and better.

In that spirit, we’ve done a roundup of the most creative and effective social movement responses to COVID-19, filtered through seven of the most relevant tools from the Beautiful Trouble toolbox, with links to resources compiled especially for this moment:

Read the full important and timely piece on Waging Nonviolence.

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