Resisting and Reversing all Forcible Annexations

I add my name to the pledge to end support for the attack, occupation, and annexation of any foreign territory seized by military force and call on governments, business entities , and civil society, using nonviolent means of action, to universally oppose this practice without exception.

According to accepted international law, the invasion, occupation, and annexations of Ukrainian territory by Russia, of the Golan Heights and Greater East Jerusalem by Israel, and of the nation of Western Sahara by Morocco are illegal and warrant consideration as war crimes and crimes against humanity. Disputes over territory must be resolved peacefully by the World Court of Justice and other international organizations and/or through mutual agreement by the concerned parties with international and global support.

If the world can effectively ban countries from attacking, occupying, and annexing sovereign territories by force, we will take a big step toward limiting war and militarism.

Note: Nothing in this call to action is intended to condone annexations in the more distant past. Humanity has an obligation to remember and justly address all forcible annexations.

Countries who wrongfully recognize illegal annexations as of 11/11/2022

1. Ukraine territories: annexation by Russia. Recognized by North Korea, Syria, Nicaragua, Belarus

2. Golan Heights: annexation by Israel. Recognized by United States of America

3. Greater East Jerusalem: annexation by Israel, . Recognized by United States of America, Honduras, Guatemala, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Togo (by virtue of recognizing all of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital).

4. Western Sahara: annexation by Morocco. Recognized by United States of America

Will you sign?

Please join Nonviolence International and add your voice and pledge to resist and reverse all annexations conducted by forcible seizure of territory.


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