Spotlight on the Men’s Story Project

By David Hart

Recently, I learned of the work of the Men’s Story Project. I want to share with all of you why this group’s groundbreaking efforts give me hope in hard times. 

They use the power of candid, personal storytelling to address one of the most challenging issues of our time. As I grew up, I found that many of my fellow males had a very different perspective on violence than I had in my heart from an early age. As I studied peace and conflict seriously for years, it became increasingly clear that at the center of so much of the violence in our world is a narrow view of masculinity that doesn’t allow men to have access to a full range of human emotions. 

The Men’s Story Project expands our view of what is possible and by so doing they are part of a quiet and enormously impactful revolution. This is a gift - a transformational gift - from the feminist movement, and embodies one of the core truths of nonviolence. When you free an oppressor from the burden of that role, you claim your power and transform them as well. 

The Men’s Story Project challenges us to deepen our understanding of nonviolence and our approach to both our work and to each other. 

Please see the powerful Ted Talk below featuring the Men’s Story Project and their visionary founder and director, Dr. Josie Lehrer. 

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