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These are challenging times. Many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to find reasons to be hopeful. 

This is the time that Nonviolence International was made for. We work to build a global culture of nonviolence and to build hope in troubled times. We do this through our database of powerful Nonviolent Tactics, our inspirational Training Archive in partnership with Rutgers University, and our work as a backbone organization of the global nonviolent movement. 

Now we are adding to those valuable resources by launching our new YouTube channel: Youtube.com/Nonviolence which includes this short video about the power of inspiration and mentorship.

Please check it out and if you were impacted by NVI, Mubarak Awad, or any of our amazing partners, please let us know. We'd like to tell your story so that others can join us in celebrating this work. 

A few years ago we were told that computer algorithms would serve us. Now we have learned that we serve them. So, we are compelled to ask you to “please like and subscribe” to our new YouTube channel so that others will be introduced to the work you already support. 



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