What Does The World Need Now: A Turning Point!

In this moment of growing global crisis, what we need now is a youth-led movement of movements.

Nonviolence International is proud to share the good news that the Turning Point Summit is taking shape and we urge you to follow along and support their vital work. 

Many of you know of NVI’s active participation in the creation and growth of The World House Global Network.  This exciting project is a result of collaboration between the network’s Youth Working Group, Stanford University and The Dais.

The Turning Point Summit 2022 will be held on the 2nd - 7th October. It marks the International Day of Nonviolence & Gandhi’s birthday celebration. 

The Turning Point Summit 2022 will serve as a platform for gathering inspiring youth leaders from around the world through different events with an aim to initiate a youth led movement towards a nonviolent world.

We believe that educating and enabling youth to take nonviolent action can become a turning point for the present and future generations. Young minds are more open to the difference in others and less inclined toward conflict. Youth are most likely to seed the change today that will make a better world tomorrow. A single person can ignite change that spreads to the whole community.

NVI has been actively spreading the word about this important youth-led effort and are thrilled that two friends featured in the videos below have decided to participate. Andrea and Simon recently connected to NVI and have each inspired us with their vision and hard work.  

This much needed effort was organized by a team including Keshav Gupta, the founder of The Dais, working globally towards youth empowerment & International Centre for Sustainable Development an organization dedicated to the 2030 Agenda. A Tedx Speaker, Keshav is the winner of Karmaveer Chakra 2018, by iCONGO in Partnership with the United Nations, Global Green Schools Award at the UNGA Climate Action Week, NYC 2017 besides being nominated for the 2021 Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prize. Keshav holds bachelors degrees in Economics and Law from University of Delhi and is also a Norec Alumni, Government of Norway.

Events include: 

Workshop on Nonviolence
4th - 5th October 2022

08.00 PM IST / 10.30 AM EST / 4.30 PM CET

Deep-dive into understanding nonviolence, peace and change

Artistic Performances for Peace

2nd - 7th October 2022

07.30 PM IST / 10.00 AM EST / 04.00 PM CET

Exploring the Role of Arts in Nonviolence and Peace

Youth Assembly on Nonviolence

2nd - 3rd October 2022

08.00 PM IST / 10.30 AM EST / 4.30 PM CET

Youth coming together for a Declaration on Nonviolence

Youth Co-creation Session

6th - 7th October 2022

08.00 PM IST / 10.30 AM EST / 4.30 PM CET

Designing a youth led strategy on nonviolence and youth development

Follow Up Actions to the Summit

November 2022 Onwards

The Movement and Community to take shape


For more information and to register please visit: https://www.turningpointsummit.org/

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