Don't Even Think About Starting a Nuclear War!

Besides anti-nuclear protests that are direct action (such as Plowshare actions), there are also social media & public protests that have value.

A new initiative is to try promote the policy of no first-use of a nuclear weapon. NVI Director Michael Beer, along with Alyn Ware of the Parliamentarians for Nuclear Disarmament, went to the 7 nuclear weapons embassies in Washington plus the White House to communicate our strong desire these state commit to a no first-use policy.  Enclosed here is the letter we sent to the Embassies and the White House. Included here is a Declaration of Public Conscience: Nuclear Taboo-From Norm To Law with the no-first use pledge with prominent signatories.

Here is a previous social media protest by Isaiah Project during the Covid Crisis. Thanks to all who participated.

In this time of crisis, we celebrate the vision, commitment, and bold creative activism of our newest partner The Isaiah Project. This project supports Plowshares actions including the Kings Bay 7 who entered a naval base in Georgia two years ago. 

Today, they remind us that our priorities are dangerously upside down. They rightly ask, "Why would we spend valuable resources towards building new bombs when we are completely unprepared to deal with the real threat to our security – pandemic disease?"

Enjoy the warm faces of these wonderful people and please take action with them to declare...

 We need ventilators not bombs. 

Pictured above: Jackie Allen, Frida Berrigan, Leah Mechtenberg-Berrigan, Cait De Mott Grady, Marie De Mott Grady and little Peter, Patrick Sheehan-Gaumer, Clare Grady, Liz McAlister, Amos Mechtenberg-Berrigan, Jacobi (Martha's gradson), James Schultz, Leah Grady Sayvetz, Lena Daloisio, Karen Pezzetti, Teresa Grady, Martha Hennessy, Sue Frankel-Streit, Ellen Grady and Molly Mechtenberg

Pictured above: Nora De Mott Grady, Rosie Grady Sayvetz, Esther  Kennedy Finger, Madeline Sheehan-Gaumer Berrigan, Finn Kelmurray, Saoirse De Mott Grady, Kate Berrigan, James Schultz, Roxane George, Jonah Mechtenberg-Berrigan, Vivian Fowler, Seamus Sheehan-Gaumer Berrigan, Jerry Berrigan, Alexander (Mark's nephew), Ellen Grady, Laurie DeFlaun and John Grady, Oona Grady, Steve Kelly, James Schultz again! 


To take action in support of their vital work, please visit this page. 

To donate, please visit this page on the NVI site. 

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