Diaspora Russian War Resisters and Evaders Speak Out

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We are excited to invite you to join us for another installment of Nonviolence International’s webinar series - We Are All Part of One Another.

Diaspora Russian War Resisters and Evaders Speak Out

Monday, June 26th from 11 am - 12:30 pm ET / 3 - 4:30 pm GMT

Join us for a panel discussion about the situation of Russian war resisters and evaders in the Diaspora today. Hundreds of thousands of Russians have fled the war to neighboring countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. Largely, their resistance and plight have not been heard. NVI will also present its plans for organizing communication among groups in the diaspora to share alternative information with their families and friends in Russia. 

Panelists will include NVI Ukraine Director Andre Kamenshikov and anti-war activist Konstantin Samoilov, among others. NVI Ukraine is now focusing on supporting the anti-war movement in Russia. From March to May, Andre traveled to many countries where thousands of Russian war evaders and conscientious objectors have fled to. He conducted interviews, surveyed the plight of diaspora war evaders, and has written a short report of his findings.


Andre Kamenshikov is the director of NVI Ukraine and the regional coordinator of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) in Eastern Europe. He has worked as a civil peacebuilding activist in conflict zones throughout the ex-USSR for over 30 years, including as the founder of Nonviolence International–CIS, a civil society organization operating in post-Soviet states for 22 years until its closure due to political backlash in Russia. Kyiv-based for the past eight years, Andre works with the local civil society sector to build capacity to contribute to peace and democratic development in Ukraine. He is the author of a number of publications about the role of civil society in post-Soviet conflicts, including “International Experience of Civilian Peacebuilding in the Post-Soviet Space” and “Strategic Framework for the Development of Civil Peacebuilding Activities in Ukraine."

Konstantin Samoilov is a Russian energy corporation executive turned an anti-war political activist in exile in Uzbekistan now. He is the host of INSIDE RUSSIA daily show on YouTube and the creator of Tashkent International Breakfast Club, where Russians and Ukrainians meet, make amends and heal. Konstantin’s goals are to shed light on current Russian regime’s actions, to stop Russian aggression in Ukraine, to promote future transformation of Russia, to help Ukraine, and to create online and offline international communities where repentance, healing, and forgiveness takes place. 

Hosted by Barbara Wien

Since 1981, Barbara Wien has worked to end human rights abuses, violence, war, and ecological destruction. She has protected civilians from the death squads in conflict zones and worked to establish 280 programs in the study of peace and conflict resolution on campuses around the world. Barbara is a public scholar and peace practitioner with extensive knowledge of gender violence, peacebuilding, nonviolent social movements, and the political economy of war. She has edited and written 27 books and articles, led eight non-profits, and taught at six universities. Recognized for her leadership and “moral courage” five times by foundations and academic societies, Barbara won the 2022 Mohanji Foundation Award for "Visionary Leadership", and named "Peace Educator of the Year" in 2018 by the Peace & Justice Studies Association (PJSA), a network of 500 campuses in Canada and the U.S. Her students voted her “Professor with the Greatest Impact” in 2018 and 2019, and graduate students voted her “My Favorite Professor” in 2015 and 2017. She was featured in Amy Goodman’s book Exceptions to the Rulers (2003), and the Progressive magazine for opposing the military invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as a U.S. government official. Her interviews include Canadian Broadcasting, the BBC, Progressive Radio International (PRI), The Washington Post, NBC Nightly News, Defense One, National Public Radio, Australian Broadcasting, Nuclear Times, and further broadcasts in India, Uganda, Zambia, Palestine-Israel, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Winner of the 2022 Mohanji Foundation International Award for Visionary Leadership

"Public Policy and My Journey to Activism," Chapter 9 in Environmental Ethics, 3rd Edition, edited by Michael Boylan, 2022

Nikita Rakhimov.  Psychologist-psychotherapist, 8 years of practice. Moved to Kazakhstan on the evening of September 21, 2022. Now works with Russians who have fled and emigrated in connection with the mobilization for war

Evgeni Lyamina 25 year old civil activist from Moscow, where he continues civil activities focusing on humanitarian and anti-war issues.

  • Founder of Emigration for Action 
  • Former Media Literacy & Critical Thinking Training Program Coordinator at "Was It in the News?" 
  • Former Organizer & Editor at Space Policy 
  • He left Russia right after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. 
  • Lives in Tbilisi, Georgia

Alexei Prokhorenko, opposition journalist from Russia, now living in Warsaw, Poland.

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