Looking for hope in hard times? Meet these amazing young leaders.

Integral to Nonviolence International’s core team is always a strong cohort of willing, capable, and intelligent individuals serving as interns. This summer semester, NVI has welcomed a team ready to create meaningful change in this world that is nonviolence work.

Some of them are working very much behind the scenes, creating content for our Tactics Database or working alongside professionals to uplift the good work of one of our Founders, Jonathan Kuttab, and our Director, Michael Beer, in the promotion of their respective books. Others of them are working in the foreground, creating videos for our YouTube page and updating our Social Media accounts. All of them, however, have fully engaged with the work to be done here at NVI, and we are so proud of the effort they put forward and the energy they bring to each one of our team meetings!

We would now love to take a moment to let these inspiring new interns introduce themselves to you:

Ren Paul, she/her/hers

My name is Ren Paul, I am a summer Intern for NVI focusing primarily on building the Nonviolent Tactics Database and helping to manage the Rutgers Training Archive. I am pursuing a degree from American University in International Relations, with a focus on conflict resolution, and History. I aim to return to the world in better conditions than I received it, which to me means starting anew and putting in the work wholesale change demands.

Maria Salazar, she/her/hers

Hello, my name is Maria Salazar. I am from Hawthorne, California, and I am currently majoring in government at Franklin and Marshall College. I am a summer intern for NVI and have been working on our social media platforms--Facebook, Twitter, YouTube--and on promoting Michael’s new book, Civil Resistance Tactics in the 21st Century. In my few weeks at NVI, I have learned so much about communicating internally and externally. There are so many global issues that need to be addressed and I hope to learn more about ways to communicate these issues and to address them through combined efforts. As I have learned through NVI, our collective wisdom is strong!

Cam Sepehri, he/him/his

My name is Camron Sepehri and I am a rising senior at Riverside High School. I have always been passionate about nonviolence and nonviolent methods. I am a current intern at NVI, where I am working to further NVI's Nonviolent Tactics Database, improve the Rutgers Training Archive, and edit videos for NVI's growing YouTube channel. Outside of contributing to NVI’s impactful work, I love playing soccer and helping my community in a variety of ways.

Hadas Spivack, she/her/hers

Hi everyone! My name is Hadas Spivack. I am a rising Junior at Colgate University, where I am double majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies & Computer Science. I have always been passionate about social justice and human rights, which I became even more passionate about after spending a year in Israel and becoming deeply intimate with the challenges and struggles of both Israelis and Palestinians. Since joining NVI, I have been creating new videos for our Spotlight Series and working on NVI's ever-growing and evolving Tactics Database. I firmly believe that it is our duty, as citizens of the world, to leave the world in better shape than we received it. And so, I am incredibly excited and grateful that NVI is giving me the tools and the skills necessary to help further this incredible work.

We at Nonviolence International would like to thank these people for all of their hard work so far this summer semester, and continue to lift up their powerful voices in our organization and in the greater community of those who support a global nonviolent movement.

We hope that throughout the course of the summer, you have the chance to meet all of these amazing young people and get a sense of their passion and power in our organization!

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