A Creative Nonviolent Tactic to Remember Jamal Khashoggi

In a time of growing global crisis and deep in the heart of a declining empire, in Washington, DC, US, this week we celebrated the name change of the street in front of the embassy of Saudi Arabia. 

Can you guess the new name?

The street in front of the embassy has been officially and permanently changed to… 

Jamal Khashoggi Way. 

NVI has long supported the street name change campaign.  We raise up the brave, beautiful, precious journalist and human being who was dismembered by the regime. The powerful message that his memory lives on will be sent every time the diplomats come and go. 

This comes as the US President prepares to travel to Saudi Arabia. In direct contradiction to his public statements during the campaign, when he told the public there would finally be accountability, he will do as so many US Presidents have done before and travel to the Kingdom on bended knee seeking ever more fossil fuels. 

But something is different now. The direct and deadly impacts of the growing climate catastrophe are with us. It is no longer some far off future we fear, but instead a current reality harming precious people. The obsequience to Saudi Arabia is now not just spineless, but also part of a mass march towards devastation. 

What shall we do with this harsh reality?

At NVI we hope together we will rise to challenges before us and experiment with creative constructive Nonviolent Tactics.  

You can find the name change tactic in the list of more than 350 in our Nonviolent Tactics Database.

In this photo, Michael Beer, NVI Director, (in a blue shirt) is holding a photo of Mr. Khashoggi at the event celebrating the name change along Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin at the front entrance to the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC.

Time Stamp for Democracy Now’s coverage: 11:25 

Michael Beer is in the blue shirt holding high the photo directly behind the podium. 

Please see this page for more information including photos with NVI’s co-founders. 


This beautiful image came to us through our friends at the Horizons Project who shared this free high quality collection. 

Artist Ashley Lukashevsky 

IG @ashlukadraws


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