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Please support CJNV's Solidarity Fundraiser

Our wonderful fiscally sponsored partner, Center for Jewish Nonviolence, has launched a solidarity fundraiser. NVI urges those who can afford to do so to give generously to this important effort. Even as we rightly focus on the horror unfolding in Gaza, we are also heartbroken by the painful reality in the occupied West Bank. 

Note: We are collecting donations to this fund through November 14.

Please see this page for moving short stories and photos and to learn more.

When you are ready to give, please visit this page.

Even in such difficult times, action remains a powerful antidote to despair. CJNV has built sustained relationships and you can trust these funds will go to brave nonviolent activists resisting in creative constructive ways. 

If you find this work meaningful, please spread the word. Tell friends about this effort and urge them to learn more and join you in giving. 

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