NVI Canada - The Next Step in Humanitarian Disarmament

As we continue to push for a nonviolent and peaceful world, we are pleased to announce our affiliate, Nonviolence International Canada’s new report: In Search of Enemies: The Governments holding Humanitarian Disarmament hostage. 

NVI Canada’s timely and vital report is a contribution toward the pursuit of nonviolence globally. This report focuses on the how and why a small clique of nation-states are holding the humanitarian disarmament movement hostage and practicing anti-multilateralism. Just 30 governments continue to believe that military means can fix all the threats, however, this is not the case. As we continue to exploit our world’s resources and combat the natural crises of disease and disaster, one vital step is to continue to bring awareness to the potential benefits and outcomes of Humanitarian Disarmament.

Please click here to read the report!

Thank you for supporting Nonviolence International and our affiliates and partners. As we continue to strive for a nonviolent world, your help and support means greatly to us.

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