DC Joined the Global Movement for Gaza

In a time of growing global crisis, supporters of Palestinian humanity came to Washington, DC.

This sign sums it all up - "What if it were your children?" 

May we find a way to value all precious humans equally in both words and deeds. 

Sign reads, "Violence is the language of the inarticulate. Free Palestine." 

 Sign reads, "We don't agree with our government funding genocide." 

One sign reads, "When you need to have hundreds of protests just to tell the world bombing children is not ok, that is when you know you know that Humanity has Failed. 

Sign held by staff members of the US Congress and Presidential Administration reads,

"Biden and Congress Your Staff Demand a Cease Fire." 

Large Banner reads, "Stop the attack on Gaza. Free Palestine. Stop Killing Kids in Palestine." 

Signs read, "One holocaust does not justify another" and "Free Palestine" 

Concise, clear, and a touch of humor.

I brought a two-sided sign to the event. This side reads,

"This Jew believes the radical notion that Palestinians are human! Never Again must mean Never Again for All People! 


I brought a two-sided sign to the event. This side reads,

"Cease Fire NOW! Occupation is NOT my Judaism. Solidarity and Co-Resistance are needed now more than ever." 

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Please support NVI’s wonderful fiscally sponsored partners:

We Are Not Numbers continues to humanize Gazan Palestinians with its youth-led media training program. 

Holy Land Trust mobilizes Palestinians, Israelis and foreigners to work together for a future based on equality. They re-build homes, engage in dialogue, and challenge the fear of the other.  

The US Advisory Committee for the Hebron International Resource Network rebuilds wells, playgrounds, schools, homes in areas threatened by land confiscation. 

The Center for Jewish Nonviolence engages in direct action and co-resistance in support of Palestinians struggling for dignity and equal rights.

The US Boat To Gaza supports the global flotilla to challenge the blockade of Gaza this summer. 

SOUL, a project of HIRN uses the power of music to promote change in difficult circumstances. 

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