As we approach Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday in this very difficult year, we want celebrate the inspirational work that is done by Nonviolence International (NVI) and our partner organizations. 

We at Nonviolence International ask that you make a generous donation to support our partner's work and invest in nonviolence. By doing so, you help put your deeply held values into effective action. Below, is some history about our organization and what we do to achieve our vital mission. 

About NVI

Nonviolence International was founded by Palestinian activist and teacher, Mubarak Awad, in 1989. Since then NVI has established a proud legacy of creative, constructive nonviolent activism. Still, we recognize the challenges of this moment require us to do even more.

We are convinced that this is the moment that NVI was built for. Our Board of Directors is coming together like never before to ensure that we maximize our impact on our beautiful and broken world. At this moment, the world needs us to do much better and we are committed to rise to the challenges before us and substantially expand both our impact and reach. 

Currently, NVI is focused on providing powerful tools to activists around the world. We do this primarily through our Database of Nonviolent Tactics and our Archive of Nonviolent Training materials. 

Furthermore, we are proud to serve as a backbone organization of the global diverse nonviolent movement through our fiscal sponsorship of leadership groups around the world. We are excited to raise up our impressive partners and their inspirational work at this critical time. Here is our list of partners.

To learn more about our partners and To Donate Click Here

Nonviolence International is not like other organizations. These are not normal times and this is not a normal group. NVI has a rare and precious mix of activist passion, intellectual depth, and personal warmth. Just what the world needs now. 

We ask for your donations to expand our capacity, help us build momentum, and to inspire other people to join you in giving. 

Growing Our Supporter Base

Finally, we ask - who do you know who we should know? Please connect us with a handful of new potential supporters and consider if you might become one of our growing team of Major Donor Solicitors. We will provide you with all the support and guidance you need to fulfill this vital role. Our hope is to have 20 people who each take an average of 5 prospects and stay in touch with them throughout the year. By doing this we can transform NVI from a proud, small group of leaders doing good work into an even more significant force for good, able to have a real impact on our troubled world. 

To Contact Us Click Here to be part of our Major Donor Solicitor Group

If you are not yet ready to join us as a Major Donor solicitor, maybe you would consider becoming an Ambassador for Nonviolence International. We are establishing a group of leaders - starting with our Board of Directors - who will reach out to people they know about the importance of our work. We will tell stories of creative nonviolence and its impact on the world. We will urge others to get involved at whatever level feels right to them. 

To Contact Us Click Here to be part of our Ambassador Group

The study and use of nonviolence sadly remains in its infancy. As a people, we have spent far too much time and too many resources studying how to make war. NVI is convinced that if we put a small fraction of that effort into studying nonviolence, we will find it to be even more powerful than previously understood. The transformational potential of nonviolence is truly the only hope for our people and our planet. 

Together we are going to build NVI into an organization with the power to achieve our vital mission. We ask you to join us in this much-needed effort. 

Again, we appreciate your time and consideration, and here are the links that were attached above:

To Donate to NVI

To Donate to Our Fiscally-Sponsored Partners

To Contact Us 



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