Join Hineinu with CJNV - Hinienu means "we are here" in Hebrew.

Our wonderful partner, The Center for Jewish Nonviolence, is bringing 6 to 8 Jewish justice-seekers to spend four months in Masafer Yatta engaging in daily solidarity activities, accompaniment and human rights documentation work–deepening relationships of coresistance and supporting Palestinian efforts to resist displacement, dispossession, and forced transfer. Throughout the four months, participants will work to communicate their experiences and work with Palestinian activists to highlight their stories to transnational audiences, crafting narratives that can advance coresistance efforts.

Find out more and apply before December 1st, 2023 at

Update: These are devastating days, full of so much pain and grief and so much work to do. The notion of solidarity itself is tested at times like these, which means the work that the Center for Jewish Nonviolence is doing is especially important right now. The situation is shifting rapidly, and as it does CJNV is preparing for their next on-the-ground sustained solidarity cohort of Hineinu, which brings 6 to 8 Jewish justice-seekers to spend four months living in Masafer Yatta to engage in urgently needed solidarity work with Palestinian partner communities facing ongoing settler-state violence.

Earlier CJNV wrote...

As Rosh Hashanah approaches, it is Jewish tradition to reflect on the last year. At CJNV, we are simultaneously mourning the heartbreaking and devastating impacts of Israel’s violence toward Palestinian communities and celebrating our movement's victories in building Jewish-Palestinian solidarity and unity against Israeli apartheid and occupation. At this important time of year, we are also reaffirming our commitments to this critically important work fighting for freedom and justice for all.

As we plan for the future, we are invested in building new and expanded ways for Jews from around the world to join in solidarity with Palestinians. CJNV's sustained solidarity presence in Masafer Yatta, Hinienu, is a central part of our coresistance work to support Palestinian sumud (steadfastness). In order to better support Palestinians facing increasing settler violence during the shepherding season, we are extending our Hineinu program from three to four months this coming year.

Hinienu means "we are here" in Hebrew. As we enter the new year, we are deepening our commitments to show up in solidarity with Palestinians who are calling on international activists to support their resistance efforts. That's why we are opening applications to join us for the next cohort of Hineinu today! Applications are open until December 1st. 

ID: A photo of an out-of-focus person in the foreground walking toward three people leading a flock of sheep. The text over the image reads: "Join us for Hineinu, CJNV's 4-month sustained solidarity project in Masafer Yatta."


Many of us are hurting now. Those with caring hearts, who are willing to face the reality of the world as it is, are struggling. And, still we know that both our ancestors and future generations are calling on us to persist.

I write these words in a time of growing global violence. I also write as a Jew horrified by the expanding inhumane treatment of Palestinians. A few months back I heard the word “pogrom” used to describe current events, not the distant horrors that my ancestors fled. My initial reaction was to resist the use of this term. And, then I read more about what happened. Sadly, the word fits.

All over the world, people expressed outrage. Could our commitment to Never Again fit this painful reality? I wrote this piece trying to reach out to members of my community about how the occupation is warping Judaism.

In recent weeks, the word has been accurately used again to describe what is really happening to precious people. In times like these many find themselves frozen in fear. Our goal at NVI is to move people to take action. Face our fears and find realistic reasons for grounded hope.

I find hope in the work of our wonderful fiscally sponsored partners. Today, I raise up for your consideration the glorious light of love shining from the solidarity and coresistance model actively employed by the Center for Jewish Nonviolence.

These people understand the beauty at the heart of our faith. And, they act on the need to express our values through daily work. I invite you to look closely at their powerful example. I imagine many who take the time to do so will find a deep well of inspiration. For those looking to take action or learn more about Palestine / Israel please visit this page full of resources.

You can help in a variety of ways. NVI and all our partners value your kind financial support.

CJNV could use your help spreading the word about their upcoming delegation. Please consider applying yourself, and / or share with others in your community. 

We’ve heard that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. True and important, but might we modify it to say, we have a clear and ongoing obligation to both curse the darkness and to light candles of hope. Join me in celebrating the innovative, much-needed work of the Center for Jewish Nonviolence.

Learn more and apply at 

(Art Credit - Kayla Ginsburg - from CJNV)

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