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We are committed to supporting Palestinians to stay where they are–in their homes and on their lands–despite pressure from soldiers and local settlers to drive them out. This has involved building schools, improving housing and infrastructure, providing tuition for college students, and helping with needed supplies in communities.

Since October 7, 2023, life has grown much more difficult for Palestinians.The war in Gaza has resulted in the death of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza. And with the eyes of the world on Gaza, according to OCHA, violence has accelerated in the West Bank, with over 150 dead, thousands injured and many more arrested and detained..

For the Hebron International Resource Network (HIRN), this means we’ve shifted our support of South Hebron Hills communities significantly–from aiding in infrastructure and education programs, to immediate medical and nutritional aid.

The biggest need we’ve encountered is with emergency medical care. With road blockades becoming a fact of life in the West Bank, it’s getting more difficult for communities to get their injured to hospitals. Add to that an increase in settler violence, and Palestinians are facing the possibility that a settler attack plus lack of access to medical care could mean death for beloved community members.

The village of Umm Al Khair reached out to HIRN and requested that we supply a 24/7 medical clinic in the South Hebron Hills, so people in this remote area have a chance of survival in a medical emergency. We are working on meeting this need, and it is expensive–over thirty thousand dollars. Your support on this Giving Tuesday means we can make this urgently needed medical clinic a reality.

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