Mubarak Awad welcomes new NVI Interns

Mubarak Awad welcomes new NVI Interns

Today, we had a blast when our founder, Mubarak Awad, came to the office to welcome our inspiring new NVI Interns.  

Prof. Awad spoke to our team in DC and to our awesome colleagues in NYC via Skype. Seemed all sides enjoyed time together. 

Powerful reflections on a lifetime of bold, beautiful, nonviolent activism and the challenges we face today. 

The conversation was enhanced by insightful questions from emerging leaders who will take this vision into an uncertain future. To secure their future on a peaceful, just, environmental sane planet, we believe nonviolence must expand rapidly. 

Photos below show same moment from two different perspectives. 

For those who want a deeper look into his strategic thinking on the power of nonviolence in even the world's most challenging conflicts, please check out this article on Nonviolent Resistance in the Occupied Territories.

If you or someone you know is interested in interning at Nonviolence International, please visit our Internship page.

To join us in supporting this vital work, please donate here.

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