Spotlight on Nonviolence - Huwaida Arraf

In this Spotlight on Nonviolence, Katherine Whiteside converses with Huwaida Arraf a Palestinian activist and lawyer who is the cofounder of the International Solidarity Movement and the Free Gaza Movement. Huwaida discusses how she became involved in activism, what caused her to develop the International Solidarity Movement and how others can get involved in this powerful and important movement.

Huwaida has done amazing work in globalizing Palestinian resistance by bringing citizens from around the world to Palestine and increasing global consciousness of the human rights violations that are being kept quiet. Through these movements she has creatively used nonviolent resistance to protest against the Israeli government. If you would like to find out more about the International Solidarity Movement or how to get involved you can find it here. Additionally, Huwaida as a founder of the Free Gaza Movement was aboard boats to Gaza that protested the inhumane Israeli blockade. To find out more about US boats to Gaza, an NVI partner, check out their page under the Our Partners tab on our website. 

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