Join Us in Welcoming These Amazing Young Leaders.

By Paige Wright

Integral to Nonviolence International’s core team is always a strong cohort of willing, capable, and intelligent individuals serving as interns. NVI is excited to welcome this team for the summer and fall to create change through nonviolent action.

Some of them are working very much behind the scenes, updating our Tactics Database and Training Archive or working alongside our Founders, Jonathan Kuttab, and our Director, Michael Beer, in the promotion of their respective books. Others of them are working in the foreground, creating videos for our YouTube page and Spotlight Series, and updating our Social Media accounts. All of them, however, have fully engaged with the work to be done here at NVI, and we are incredibly grateful and proud of their work thus far!

Please take a moment to let these inspiring new interns introduce themselves to you:

Emily Jang, she/her/hers

My name is Emily Jang, and I am a third year student at Emory University. As a psychology and anthropology major with a concentration in health, my primary interest is in mental health and understanding how one’s identity affects various aspects of health. This identity not only includes one’s environment but the structural and interpersonal responses to an individual as well. Thus, various forms of violence– structural, symbolic, and direct–affect one’s health and self. As I have come to understand this notion, I have grown a passion to better understand and apply the knowledge I have gained to actively confront this violence and advocate for others. I hope to foster this passion continuously in my future profession in academia or directly in mental healthcare as well as in the present through organizations such as NVI.

Annie Sandy Zumbi, she/her/hers

My name is Sandy Zumbi. I am in my last year of graduate school at American University in Washington D.C. Being from the Democratic Republic of Congo currently living in the U.S made me realize how fortunate I was which would not have been possible without my education. I understand how important the role education plays in the lives of children coming from developing countries and wanted to give that opportunity by fighting for children’s lives. I was drawn to NVI because of the work it does around the world. We have seen throughout history and up to this day how violence is never the answer and never produces the outcomes we hope for.   

Rachel Knowles, she/her/hers

As a graduate student at the University of San Francisco, my knowledge and understanding of in depth research and threat intelligence is expanding with application to real world resolution. These skills are not only something I study; through active advocacy I have developed my willingness to raise difficult questions and communicate with leaders across the country's universities to develop cohesive solutions. My experience with personal interviews and survey studies will introduce a different perspective on data collection and organization at NVI. With an educational background in customs, laws, and sanctions I will ensure up to date standards for effective export compliance programs. These multidisciplinary skills create a framework that aligns with the core value of Nonviolence International. That is: a passion for maintaining high ethical standards and developing active results.

Ahad Bashir, he/him/his

My name is Ahad Bashir. I’m a third-year student at Brown University studying International & Public Affairs (Development Track) and Economics. I have a strong interest in international development, especially in the Indian subcontinent, and a desire to reduce the harms of economic inequality. I also have a background in education and believe that equal access to a full, well-rounded education is a must, whether that be math class or just some after-school activities. I wish to either work at an NGO to identify and address economic inequality or work as a professor or educator. I joined NVI because I was blown away by the group’s outstanding dedication towards their goals and desire to do right by them.

Alanna, she/her/hers

Hello! I’m Alanna and I am a second year political science and peace studies student at The George Washington University. I am passionate about how systems of governance impact civil liberties and living standards. Following my studies, I plan to attend law school to become a federal prosecutor, international, and constitutional lawyer. In these endeavors, I intend to hold both corruption and marginalization accountable to advocate for a more democratic world. I joined NVI’s communications and fundraising teams to advocate for human rights, while supporting global peace campaigns.


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