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Promoting Nonviolence: An Update on Mubarak Awad’s trip to Palestine/Israel

In an effort to encourage discussion, as well as nonviolent solutions between Palestinians and Israelis, Mubarak Awad has spent the last month co-teaching a course at Haifa University.

The Many Faces of Nonviolence - Control Arms

by Emily Mattioli

With the gift of New York bagels, Zoya Craig visited the Nonviolence international D.C. office last week. We discussed her life, one that has led her to D.C., a Master’s Degree in Global Affairs, Asia, and now in her current role as operations manager at Control Arms—one of Nonviolence International’s partners.

House Vote on Yemen

House Vote on Yemen

It’s time to end the U.S. support for the Saudi- and UAE-led war in Yemen. H.J. Res. 37 is the latest opportunity for the House to take a stand against the war, and 96 representatives are already signed on to cosponsor. Check if your Representative one of them. If they’re not, call them now at 1-833-STOPWAR and tell them to vote YES today!

NVI Campaigns against youth prisons in U.S and Israel

Mubarak joined other human rights and social justice activists to call for the closure of child detention centers operating throughout the U.S. and holding more than 10,000 immigrant children.

The popular British television show Black Mirror is known for analyzing the repercussion of technology on a dystopian society. In the episode Nosedive, a one-to-five star rating system has been implemented, through the use of ocular implants, to rate your daily interactions with others.

2018 Humanitarian Disarmament Conference

This weekend was one of the first times in the last few years that multiple branches of Nonviolence International across its decentralized network were present at the same event. Representatives from NI New York, DC, and Canada were all in attendance, as well as the NI sponsored groups Control Arms and the International Action Network on Small Arms, at the 2018 Humanitarian Disarmament Conference held in New York City.

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